Educating i.e. equipping management with Business Project Management knowledge & perspectives


Business project management has been conventionally treated as an application of technical concepts in the business world.  Both academicians and companies are beginning to realize that clear distinction between business project management and traditional project management should perhaps be made; and new perspectives of how business project management could add more value to businesses have since emerged. 


Thus for the boardroom members and senior management who are constantly on the look out for new thoughts and ideas, we conduct an exclusive half-day update seminar which shares the latest development in the field and how this knowledge could potentially be applied to improve business performance.


As with the project managers, it is important that they are equipped with business management fundamentals so that projects produces not only deliverables but results that contribute towards the business’s bottom line.  In this regard, we offer the “Business  Games” training where learners will be given the opportunity to run their own company in a simulated environment; so that business considerations will become an integral part of their work in the future.