Business Games - Learning management concepts in a more effective and interesting way


On 23 Mar 2011, Themis Consulting became the agent for LMBG Asia in Malaysia, with the rights to market and conduct their business games.


The “business games” were originally developed to make learning of management subjects more appealing for students in the University of La Rochelle in France.   It was so well received that it is now taught in other parts of France, North Africa and today, Asia. 


In essence, the business games is a customized training based on predefined learning goals which can be related to real-life scenarios in a business environment.  The participants are divided into groups where they will be given situations which demand for business decisions in quantitative terms.  These numbers are then fed into the business game’s tool through a Ms-Excel spreadsheet.  The tool consolidates all the inputs and based on predefined logics, determines the performance of each group in various areas such as market share, profit and loss, staff satisfactions etc.  Similarly, qualitative challenges related to negotiation, HR management etc. can also be incorporated into the games.


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