Recovering programmes/projects in distress



It is not uncommon to hear that projects are late, way over budget, deliver the wrong things, fall short of expected results etc.


Our project recovery services comes in 3 phases namely:

(1) Assess — diagnose situations, identify root causes, devise measures.

(2) Turnaround— implement measures, fix issues, rebuild foundation.

(3) Sustain— ensure project is truly back on track, and that the preventive measures are firmly in place.


Subject to the scale of the programme/project, the time required to complete phase 1 could be between 2 weeks to 1 month; while the estimated duration to complete phase 2 and phase 3 shall be addressed in the assessment report.


The “prerequisite” however, is that the client’s senior management will give the assigned Themis practitioner(s) absolute support, as well as full empowerment as interim Programme/Project Director and Managers, whichever it may be as required by the project recovery plan.