Assessing “health conditions” of project management practices, programmes/projects


There are many project management assessment tools which measure the maturity of the project management practices, assesses the project managers’ delivery capabilities etc.  Most of them are very comprehensive and this implies the need to achieve perfectness in all aspects. 


We advocate that a more practical approach; where the assessment focuses at identifying missing components which are absolutely essential, without which the business projects are unlikely to succeed.  Backed by empirical research effort, we have developed the BProjM model which caters specially to the context of business projects. 


Based on this model, the “health check” on existing programmes/projects and/or a company’s project management practice can be performed in an objective, consistent and efficient manner. 


A typical assessment exercise will take 2 weeks to complete.  The deliverable is an assessment report complete with recommendations on how the identified gaps in project management practice could be filled; and/or the measures required to fix the issues with the programmes/projects.