Giving Careers a Boost (extract)

New Straits Times, Monday, November 15, 2010


WHEN it comes to getting a doctorate to getting a doctorate, a lot of intense research is ivolved.  Time and energy must be sacrificed for the pursuit of knowledge, and not many people are willing to do that.


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Wong Siaw Ming’s journey to a doctorate was more of an odyssey than most, as she completed not only a doctorate in Business Administration in OUM, but also a doctorate in Computer Science from Université de La Rochelle in France through a joint doctorate programme.


“I was comfortable with its mode which is specially targeted at working adults,” says Dr Wong of her choice to study at OUM.


“In addition, OUM was interested in my research topic.  Not to mention that the opportunity to do the doctorate as a joint programme with ULR— where I could utilize the knowledge of both my degree and master’s was extremely appealing.”


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