Data Analytics Outsourcing

· What is Data Analytics (DA)It is the science of examining data wih the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information to help organizations make better business decisions.

· Why Outsource ? The set up and maintenance of the infrastructure and human capital required to perform DA can be expensive.  A shared service arrangement makes the services more cost effective and thus accessible to more companies.

· Why Themis?  We are management consultants with extensive years of  experiences helping companies improve their business performance.  Thus not only will you get to a more comprehensive understanding of your business, you stand to gain value-added observations and advices from our practitioners.

· What exactly is the service ?  Introducing the first phase of our DA services - Business Performance Profiling.  At the end of the engagement, you will get to visualize your business performance and understand its key strengths and weaknesses.  Given the knowledge, specific actions could be taken to ensure business sustainability if not future growth.