OUM student lauds research backed doctoral programme

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Her research, entitled “a holistic study of business project failures and the development of business project management domain model using unified modelling language” is a qualitative research which developed a theoretical explanation of why business project failed and captured the essential components of business project management into a model to guide the implementation of best practices.


“The research topic was directly relevant to my work and the knowledge gained help me deliver more successful projects,” she says, whose company supplies highly qualified senior professionals to client organizations in order to address short to medium term shortage in management resources.


“I manage the delivery of large & complex operations besides handling business consolidation and transformation projects.”


As to why an already successful person would go back to university, Wong says she always had a passion for learning.


“I seem to be going back to university every 10 years or so,” she quips.  Wong obtained her degree in Computer Science from National University of Singapore in 1988, completed her MBA in 1998, and will soon graduate with a PhD in November.



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