Bridging the gaps in management resources

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This is where interim management services step in.  Usually the need for these services occurs during the start-up, growth, recovery, consolidation or transition  of a company.


“To date, we had helped to fulfill various roles for our clients and this includes programme manager, project manager, operations manager, subject matter specialist, country manager and more,” Dr Wong says of the role Themis plays in corporations. 


“These are in the context of acquisition and merger, enterprise wide business transformation programme, regional operations consolidation initiatives, new business set up & operations, and new IT systems implementation.  Clients who have benefited from our services range from large local establishments & conglomerates, international consulting houses and fortune 500 companies.”


Graduating from National University of Singapore, Dr Wong started a career as information systems officer with National Computer Board of Singapore.  After achieving a level of success in that field, she decided to venture into management consulting once she completed her Master’s in Business Administration.



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